IGNITE! Kickass Strategies That Make Digital Entrepreneurs Successful from Day 1

Learn Highly Effective and Kickass Digital Marketing Strategies for your Business.


Homer Nievera, CDE, CGD
Rod Gabriel, CGD

Seminar Fee: 3,800

Organized by Edusentro.Com in cooperation with Muzaic.com

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Are you ready to take your business to a new level?

This is a one-day-only learning event for veterans and newbies in digital entrepreneurship at any level. The tracks are divided into actionable sessions designed to provide relevant, real-life insights and best practices for maintaining powerful digital, social media and offline plans to take your business to the next level.

The full-packed sessions will include updates, upcoming trends, innovated talks, success stories, hands-on lessons, and lots of networking opportunities. The speakers will present sure-fire ways and free resources to use for any form of digital marketing warfare across various industries and disciplines.
Speaker 1: Homer “Homerun” Nievera, CDE, CGD

  • Master Strategist in Digital Marketing, Revenue, Techpreneurship
  • President, Red Bus Digital Ventures, Inc.
  • Country Head & Chief Strategist, Bootstrap Digital & Tech Ventures Inc. (Philippines/Singapore)
  • Founder/Publisher, Negosentro.com/Foodfindsasia.com/Vigorbuddy.com/Muzaic.com
  • Former CEO & Co-founder, Bazinga Inc. (US/PH/UK)
  • Former Global Head of Commercial Partnerships & Advertising Operations, Friendster/Multiply
  • Digital Marketing and Revenue Consultant/Mentor to various startups, SMEs and Charities
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research, Minor in Psychology and Anthropology, University of the Philippines
  • Certified Digital Educator, Certified Global Digipreneur

Speaker 2: Rod Gabriel, CGD

  • Seasoned IT Educator
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Chief Technology Officer, Edusentro.com
  • Business Unit Head, MediaBlast Digital Corp.
  • Technology Adviser, Bootstrap Ventures
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Certified Global Digipreneur

What You Will Learn

  1. Digital Marketing 102: Polishing the Basics
    Have you lost your way? How a digital marketer should think.
    B. Communications Strategy 360: How traditional connects to digital and back.
  2. Demystifying Trends and Digital Marketing Best Practices
    United Stats: A quick look at statistics on online behavior.
    B. How to get from Share-of-Voice to Share-of-Pocket in a connected world.
    C. The world is flat. The emerging trends in mobile marketing and technology.
  • What’s Trending: How Content Marketing Will Amp Your Digital Marketing Efforts
    Back with a Vengeance: Why blogging is more important than ever.
    B. Content Strategies for Marketers and Recruiters.
    C. Content is King: How to effectively use content in all your digital campaigns.
    D. The Transformation of eCommerce: Where to next?
  1. The Business of Following and Liking
    Proven Ways to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for Business
    B. Four Easy Tactics for Becoming a Must-Follow Account on Twitter
    C. Five Effective Ways to Engage Twitter Followers
    D. Social Commerce: How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram as Digital Marketplaces
  2. Six Ways to Prepare Your Brand for Social Media’s Visual Revolution
    Ten Hot Tips for Creating Winner Viral Video Campaigns.
    B. Workshop: Creating a Viral Campaign
  3. Path to Social Media Success in 2015: A 12-Month Plan to Trump Competition
    Workshop: Creating Your Social Media Master Plan
    B. Revisited: “Don’t-Do” Tips in Social Media
    C. Guide to Free Resources to Track Your Social Media Campaigns


Everyone interested in learning, from the best authority, how to execute a powerful digital strategies and relate offline tactics to further your reach and impact.

  • Digital Entrepreneurs

Business owners (big and small), Startups, Mompreneurs, Direct marketers, Networkers, MLM practitioners, Students, Retirees,

  • C-Level Officers:

Chief Branding Officers, Business Executives, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Recruitment Officers

  • VPs, Directors and Managers of:

Marketing, Branding, Business Strategy, Customer Relations, Social Media, Public Relations, HR and Recruitment

  • Gurus and Specialists:

Social Media Strategists, Online Community Managers, Business Development, Word of Mouth Marketers, Marketers Media sales, Agency Account Managers, Recruitment Managers and All types of Entrepreneurs


Get 20 top-rated and user-friendly ebooks and reference materials that shall guide you through your journey.


Get a free learning certificate worth PhP 15,000 for the Global Digital Entrepreneurship course from Edusentro.com. This course, when taken in full, shall lead you to a Certificate in Global Digipreneurship and allow you the prestigious title of CGD that can be placed at the end of your name.


Homer Nievera and Rod gabriel IGNITE Profiles

Homer “Homerun” Nievera is a sought-after digital marketer and revenue strategist. He is best known as the only Filipino who has held two global posts in Silicon Valley-type firms – social media pioneers Friendster and Multiply – as global head of commercial partnerships and advertising operations. His digital marketing savvy has helped a political stalwart get elected to one of the highest posts in the country.  Homer’s revenue strategies have helped amp marketing value for tech companies and start-ups that sought capital and venture partners.  Homer recently sold his US tech startup where he was CEO and Co-founder. He currently heads two venture development companies – one of which incubates start-ups in Singapore and North America. Homer is a Certified Digital Educator and a Certified Global Digipreneur.

Rod Gabriel is a seasoned IT educator and social media marketer. He is the Chief Technology Officer of the digital learning site Edusentro.com. He is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with over 10 years of blended face-to-face and online teaching experience from a prestigious group of international colleges. As an active digipreneurship advocate, Rod is an active adviser to several ecommerce start-ups and trains students in digital guerrilla warfare. Rod is the concurrent Business Unit Head of the digital growth firm Mediablast Digital and the technology adviser for venture development company Bootstrap Ventures. Rod is a Certified Global Digipreneur.



Learn Highly Effective and Kickass Digital Marketing Strategies for your Business. SEMINAR SPEAKERS and WORKSHOP FACILITATORS: Homer Nievera, CDE, CGD Rod Gabriel, CGD Seminar Fee: 3,800 Organized by Edusentro.Com in cooperation with Muzaic.com * * * * * Are you ready to take your business to a new level? This is a one-day-only learning event …

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